Trace elements

Optimum biogas production depends on the enough supply of micronutrients to the bacteria. As a rule, almost all substrates lack the necessary quantity of micronutrients. Micronutrients are substances such as nickel, manganese and cobalt. The substances are necessary to supply the bacteria responsible to produce biogas. If there are not enough micronutrients in the substrate, not enough bacteria can grow. If the number of bacteria is too low, the available substrate cannot be completely converted into biogas. This means that the substrate is not fully utilised. If a certain amount of gas is to be produced from the substrate, the amount of substrate used is reduced if enough micronutrients are available. The use of micronutrients significantly improves the efficiency of the biogas plant. The micronutrients from DR. FRIEDMANN optimises your biogas plant with little effort. Acinor1000 is an immediately usable liquid with all necessary nutrients. The nutrients are available in a form available to bacteria. The secondary reaction with hydrogen sulphide and precipitation as sulphide is reliably prevented.